4 benefits of practicing gratitude and staying in faith

4 benefits of practicing gratitude and staying in faith


Have you ever just sat there feeling sorry for yourself? You had a bad day, you're blasting the song, "Mo Money Mo Problems", you finally understand why your mom used to say, "if it aint one thing it's another."  You're just sitting there at home. You got there in your car. You came from your job or just finished business. Your kids are just being all loud and annoying and you just sit there. You're frustrated, you feel alone, and unaccomplished. In those moments of self-pity, you've forgotten. 

You've forgotten the times you were sleeping on coaches, floors, and shabby income restricted apartments. You've forgotten the times you had to walk or beg for rides. You forgot about the 50+ applications you put in before landing that job or opening that business. You forgot that where you currently are is where you used to cry, pray, and save to be.

We've all done it. It's okay my intent isn't to guilt you for feeling sorry for yourself. For wanting just a little bit more. My question is, how did doing all that make you feel? Did it make you feel better or worse? My challenge to you is that the next time you're in this negative space, catch yourself. Just catch yourself and then carry on if you need to. The second time, catch yourself and do one of the below: 

Force yourself to get back into gratitude. Gratitude will push you past where you are and remind you of how much you've overcome. It will remind you of all the spaces and room you still have to grow. Gratitude will help you sleep better, improve your mental health, increase your self-esteem, and reduce aggression.

Gratitude will remind you that God is not done with you just yet. It will remind you that sometimes life sucks but it's also great. Gratitude will remind you to stay in faith. 

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