3 habits that will make you a money making machine

3 habits that will make you a money making machine

Do you work a 9-5? 

Did you go back to school for a skill? A degree? 

Contrary to what social media portrays, if you answered yes to either one of the above questions.... I am proud of you. Why? Because you sought to educate, learn, and grow professionally while you figured out what you want to do in life. A job, an education, etc. is only a waste of time if you do not utilize the skills that you learn from them. How can you know a career doesn't make you happy if you've never worked there? What better way to fine tune your customer service skills than getting paid to learn to do so? The easiest way to make money is to use those skills you've already learned and monetize them. Next, pay yourself first before anybody when you do come across some money. Made $100? Put $10 aside to save or invest. Simple. Below are great resources to start helping you build a wealth mindset as well: 

To summarize the habits that will build you wealth are: 

  • Monetize the skills you already have 
  • Always invest in yourself first, no matter how small the amount 
  • Always educate yourself and keep learning
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