When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold S. Kushner

When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold S. Kushner

A book that gives a viable answer as to why God allows bad things to happen to those devote in faith and of good moral character. 

This book was written beautifully by a Rabbi who experienced the loss of his son when he was born with a rare disease that caused him to age backwards in a sense. Harold Kushner not only relates to the pains one experiences even while being faithful to God but also brings to light the questions we all ask but never answer. 

Often times we find ourselves in painful situations and ask why. What did we do to deserve our circumstance. For the most part, we all view ourselves as good people. From our perspective we’ve led a life of morals, compassion, etc. We think we’re doing the right thing at the right moment and than shit hits the fan and we stop seeing ourselves as good. What mistake did we make and what lesson needs to be learned? Again and again we ask this all while still suffering. 

Sometimes even though we don’t admit it out loud at times we get mad at God too. We think, “I did what you told me to do and life is still beating my ass”. Why? What did we do wrong? Is it because we’re strong that we receive the most problems?” This book offers an answer in which victims can finally remove the blame from themselves. In which we can finally stop asking God why is he punishing us when life hits us hard. What if God who is justice, who is loving, who is powerful... can not control every thing. What if when bad things happen to good people, he cannot control it? What than? 

According to the author, than we are able to foster an even greater relationship with God. Than we understand that when we are in pain, he is in pain too. That we are angry, he’s angry too. We than understand that we can still go to him for guidance, for love, for a solution and assistance in solving our pain. With the understanding that he is not the direct cause of it. With the understanding that at times chaos occurs and there isn’t a why behind it. It just does.

This book is a well needed reminder that even in mist of problems we shouldn't lose faith in God. It is a reminder that sometimes chaos is disorganized and without reason. While God cannot stop everything he can surely be there to comfort and provide guidance when you try to figure out... what's next or how can I get thru this?  

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