The Spirit of Intimacy by Sobonfu Somé

The Spirit of Intimacy by Sobonfu Somé

A book on building healthy relationships

This book was recommended by one of my followers on here and definitely worth the read ♥️ I got it on Amazon for less than $10. The author talks on the power of relationships, the sacredness of them, and the importance of support. In her village a healthy relationship takes support from the entire family, it does not judge, it actively seeks to understand, and consistently purges itself. When a couple is at odds everyone participates to help them heal. The couple doesn’t hold on to negative energy, they create a safe space where they talk it out and let it go. There are so many gems in this book on how to properly unite with the people you love. How to take the time to understand and love on each other. The divinity of sex and the mental connection that is received when done correctly... great book.

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