The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

A book on life morals

Where do I begin... what an enlightening read. A book about life’s biggest discussions. It is a series of poems, so you're going to get a different meaning based on where you are in life and your perspective. Below is what I got from each concept:

  • Love - don’t only seek the good in love because the hard times will come too... so either accept both as part of the journey or don’t look for it at all. Love will bring the best and worst out of you and in it you will grow 
  • Marriage - love and be there for each other but remember that you aren’t one. You’re too separate yet strong people who share and create space 
  • Children - your children aren’t you, allow them to think and experience life for themselves. You’re just the vessel you can only provide guidance 
  • Giving - give to give, don’t seek anything and don’t try and judge to determine who is worth giving to because who are we to judge.
  • Eating and drinking - bless your food and be thankful for it 
  • Work - do what you love, you die when you’re still, work with love or it’ll never be successful, no person is less than the other because of their work 
  • Joy and sorrow - you can’t experience joy if you didn’t experience sorrow and vice versa so when you feel sorrow remember joy is there waiting for you to wake it up 
  • House - your home should offer you peace, memories, and beauty. It’s a representation of your larger self but don’t find comfort or bondage in it. Your true home is nature 
  • Clothes - don’t dress to hide yourselves from others because their eyes are unclean. Allow your hair to feel the wind and your feet to feel the sand 
  • Buying and selling - even exchange, short changing will lead to suffering. Don’t allow others to profit off your labor. Support one another’s business 
  • Crimes and punishment - when someone commits a crime they aren’t acting in their God-like way and they are learning a lesson so that those behind them don’t repeat it in ignorance. There are just as many criminals that didn’t get caught as there are. We don’t have a right to judge because we don’t know the true intent or soul of another 
  • Laws - people make laws to benefit themselves but who is to say who is really breaking the law. What are laws but the opinions of those with their backs to the sun 
  • Freedom - to be truly free you must let loose your understanding of freedom and just be. To be without restraint, fear, or care. 
  • Reason and passion - rest in reason and move in passion... don’t let one outweigh the other. If you always think in reason you will be confined 
  • Pain - your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding, it’s self chosen. Your heart will always have a season but it heals the sick parts of you 
  • Self knowledge - you already have all you need to know inside you. Look for your hearts truth and know it’s never ending 
  • Teaching - don’t teach what you know, teach love and faith. Be a guide for others to uncover their own wisdom. People can show you what they know, but it’s on you to understand it 
  • Friendship - friends are there to share memories with not just because you’re bored or alone. It should be a relationship filled with love whether they are there with you or not 
  • Talking - only talk in spirit and truth. Talking takes away from your time to think and understand yourself. Some talk to avoid facing who they truly are 
  • Time - time is timeless, it’s all a loop. Yesterday is today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream. 
  • Good and evil - there is no evil inside you; it is simply good that is exhausted and divided. Good is giving yourself and being one with yourself. To be good is to not condone the naked. 
  • Prayer - pray all the time not just when your hurting or in need. Do not pray only to ask, or to pray for others, or to be humble. Pray from your heart without words, pray for a closeness to God.
  • Pleasure (sex) - pleasure is the search for freedom and it should not be met with regret but gratitude. Do not fear pleasure or judge those who seek it. The giving and receiving of pleasure is a need and an ecstasy. 
  • Beauty - beauty isn’t what you need but what makes you feel good. It’s not looks or expectations but the understanding of the soul... beauty is life and it is within us all 
  • Religion - is all your actions and refections. You cannot separate hours between God and yourself because you are of God. You don’t define your conduct (religion) by guidelines but by being everyday. You worship everyday thru your daily life. Life is your temple and your actions is your religion 


Death - life and death are one. How can you fear death if it’s simply standing in front of God. It is true freedom and closeness to God 

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