How this teenager turned her stories into mandatory reading material in her school district


Essynce Moore gives her take on being a young business woman and creator

A part from constantly pushing and reinventing ourselves, we must always be attentive and receptive to our children's needs to do the same. Growing up I had so many "crazy" ideas and such BIG dreams that I would stay up late nights masterminding. The older I got, the more those dreams faded in the background. I began to view them as just that, dreams. However, as our culture is showing us time and time again, dreams do come true. They can come true for you at any age, it is all a matter of tapping into that dream “potential”. As a parent, sometimes we need to be the pillar and push in helping our children reach their dreams even quicker then we get to ours. Check out our interview with Essynce Moore, a teenager and self published author who turned her dreams into reality & checks with the support of her mother: 

  1. What inspired you to start writing? Well, it started randomly from my mom always asking me the same questions when I got home from school. I realized I always had some crazy stories I told her about school and I started writing them down.
  2. Your books are now a part of your school district’s curriculum. How did that make you feel? The idea of having my books as part of a mandatory curriculum never crossed my mind. I just wrote because I loved it. I love seeing how they inspire other young girls and the successful turnout.
  3. Which book is your favorite and why? My favorite book is a recent release, 8th Grade Middle School Chronicles: The year that changed everything… This is my favorite because of how much my writing has improved; I did a lot of research to help readers envision what is going on in the story and my work is reflective of such.
  4. What challenges did you have to overcome to get your book published? I do not think the process is ever completely easy when you are trying to create something for the first time. Getting schools to see the book and incorporating it into the curriculum was difficult. To overcome my fears of rejection I decided to start where I was most familiar, my school.
  5. Was it scary for you to start marketing and promoting your book? It was not as scary when I was pitching my book to my school because I was comfortable with my audience. However, I was nervous when I went to different schools because I had to sell my “why”. Why should they purchase my book and then I had to make sure I got the right people in the same room that could buy or use my book.
  6. What advice would you give to other people who are scared to start selling a product and/or promote their work? I would just say go for it because nothing is going to come to you on a platter. You have to go after what you want and if you have a purpose than you have something worth fighting for.
  7. Who is your role model and why? My mom is my role model because I have seen her push against all obstacles when she believed in something. I have seen her fight regardless of our circumstances and she has always been strong in fighting for what she wanted.
  8. How did your mom play a role helping you succeed? My mom played a huge role in my success! She is not only my manager but she has always been my greatest support system. When I was not confident or sure of myself, she pushed and motivated me. She always tells me that it is ok to believe in yourself even when no one else does.
  9. What advice would you give to parents in regards to helping their children reach new potentials? From my perspective, I would say to push your children. It is also important to be interactive with your child because you have a lot more power and influence over us than you think. What you say and do when we are and are not there means a lot to us. You standing up and being your own person encourages us to mimic that and we respect you for it.   
  10. What can we expect from Essynce in the future? You can expect some huge, amazing things! I do not want to limit myself to anything so expect the unexpected from every avenue!

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Dreams do come true; they just take time and patience.
— Essynce Moore
Everything you are going through now is preparing you for what you asked for.
— Essynce Moore