Lowry Park Zoo

EXPLORATION - thorough analysis of a subject or theme.

The perfect place to bring the explorer out of your little beast is the zoo. It's so obvious yet so rarely visited because who wants to walk around in the FL sun for hours? I've always correlated the zoo with boredom because I had the general assumption that all you do is walk around. My son's attention wouldn't be focused on animals for very long. When I looked up the prices for the zoo in Tampa I definitely knew I wasn't going to take him. 

Well I was wrong and I found out in the most unexpected way. I went to open up my son's savings account and got a free ticket to the zoo as well. I decided since it was free I might as well take him even if he would get bored. Well we went, we did walk, it was hot, but he loved it. To my surprise the zoo had upgraded and featured rides, a tour, a carousel, and habitats that you could basically walk through. He loved it. Even the non interactive animal exhibits amazed him, he just looked up, around, to the side and asked a thousand questions. He was exploring other environments and different animals. He was enjoying himself so much that I was energized off of his excitement. He taught me a valuable lesson, never under estimate the eagerness for knowledge that kids seek. Although it was balls hot outside and we walked until our feet hurt; the sheer magic of him learning about different animals and places made him oblivious to the negatives. It was totally worth it, if your in Tampa read below to see how you can get your free ticket to the zoo. 


If you open an account with GTE Financial Credit union for your child the bank will give you a free ticket to the zoo. Want to know something even more dope? Lowry Park Zoo currently has a promotion running in which you can bring your child back for free for the ENTIRE 2016 if you pay for one admission.

Now, I didn't use this promotion but when I went with my son they did give me another admission ticket for free based off the one I got from the bank. It seems that the zoo always has some promotion going on that can get your child a free ticket during the year. So go for it Beaut, if you read the 80/20 and Any Change Rule blog I posted in the Molding the Beast blog topics you know this is a two for one. You get to open your beast a savings account and help them tune into their explorer nature.

Life is an experiment in which you may fail or succeed. Explore more, expect least.
— Santosh Kalwar