Why you should be saying NO like your life depends on it

Why you should be saying NO like your life depends on it

Hey love, 

Have you ever said yes to something and ended up wishing you said no the entire time you were fulfilling your "yes"? Have you said yes, instead of no to protect someone else's feelings? Me too. I am a recovering people pleaser, so I spent the majority of my 20's giving a lot of yeses away (I'm sure that's not a word but you get the message). I said yes, even if I had to give my dollar to do so. I said yes, when it inconvenienced me. I said yes, when it put me in a worse position and it put the asker in a better. 

Where that left me was overextended, sometimes broke, and worse... full of contempt. I got mad at myself for committing to what I knew I could not. I would get mad at the people I said "yes" to when they would tell me "no". Then I realized... they have the power to tell me "no" and I still love them. That means that I have the same power as well. That also means that they will still love me. I can say "no" and people won't be offended. I can say "no" and if they are offended, that is also okay. Why? Because the worst part of me saying "yes" instead of "no". That removed the contempt I had for myself. It allowed me to protect myself. It allowed me to be comfortable with myself and what I could and could not do. Still feeling like saying... yes? 

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