The Closet Ratchet Tell All: This former Shade Room Editor is quite the Muva

The Closet Ratchet Tell All: This former Shade Room Editor is quite the Muva

How to live carefree and happy: Advice on being a mother, author, business owner, and an editor


As a blogger, I have always had respect for the people that go out there and hustle to not only write but get paid. I write as an outlet, I write to educate, I write because it's my passion. If I could write all day and get paid I would. Unfortunately, my nerves and my current full time job have strayed me away from even venturing into this huge World of journalism. So, I found a mother who went out there and ventured. Meet, Talia aka @theclosetratchet she's a mother, business woman, author, and was an editor for one of the biggest urban communities on social media, The Shade Room. She already has inspired me to go out there and take a leap of faith. Maybe she'll do the same for you, checkout her interview below: 

  1. What was it like being an editor for The Shade Room? It’s cool, I have been here for about 3 ½ years now and it’s pretty much become a part of my life. We have a responsibility in sharing information but we are a very small group that run this entire company. People think that we are just a gossip site but we are not; we cover politics, positive stories, and anything pertaining to the black community.
  2. What impact do you think The Shade Room has on the black culture and why? Currently we have a lot of racial injustice and news that taken from a biased perspective. The Shade Room shares the black experience thru our eyes and the eyes of our roommates. We have built a sense of community and relationships with over 17 million “roommates” and counting.  
  3. What advice would you give to someone looking to become an editor? Many editors have journalism degrees but with the growing blogger market, it is not necessary. Social media and advances in technology are creating a space for people to get into the field. All you need to know are the basics of writing and grammar. Just study the craft and learn how to write properly.
  4. What advice would you give on networking? Anything that you want to do in life, you are probably going to get an opportunity based on the relationships you have. Try to genuinely make friends in the industry you are trying to get into. People can always tell when you are not being genuine so do not just network, build relationships. 
  5. What message do you want young women who read your book Will Write for Food: Experiencing Rejection and How it Strengthened my Faith in God to walk away with? In the book, I talk about various instances where I experienced rejection growing up. For example, I was in an abusive household and struggled with being an outcast in school. In telling these stories, I discuss the lesson behind the experience. It is a reminder that you are the only one responsible for your relationship with God.
  6. Your company “Not Your Mothers Closet” is a statement tee shirt company. What is your favorite piece and why? “Don’t let your new president be the reason you catch these hands”! My son was born on Election Day. I remember looking at the TV and seeing Trump won. I came up with the shirt as my way of protesting Trump and his minions. It made me a lot of money too so that is always a plus.
  7. What challenges have you encountered as a mother? The most difficult thing for me was finding balance. When you become a mom everything kind of goes on hold. For me, I was 24 yrs. old and I was determined not to lose myself in motherhood. Many people say you cannot have it all. I say, why not?
  8. What would you say to the mothers who are so worried about stepping out of the box that they stay trapped in it? I never thought there was anything with me until many people started projecting their own insecurities on me. People have said all sorts of things of me; I don’t really care anymore. I’m comfortable in my body, career, and business. Be confident. Just do it, nobody else’s opinion really matters. Especially people on the internet, they don’t know you. I don’t understand why people take time to type under a post when they don’t know you.  
  9. What advice would you give your son to prepare him for the future?I would tell him to be cool, don’t stress out about anything, and do your best. You will figure it out. I had to figure out my way and journey as I went. I was making things a lot more difficult than they needed to be. What I learned for myself is I just needed to think positively. Change my thinking and I would attract the life I wanted for myself.
  10. Where do you see yourself in five years? Rich as hell. I plan to make some big money moves. I want to open a public relations firm. I am actually transitioning into the world of public relations and its fun. I want to live in LA in a big house, own a successful online store, become a bestselling author, and I am starting a book series that will be a document of my journey thru motherhood. Speak it into existence, until it happens.
Don’t let your new president be the reason you catch these hands
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