Dr. Heavenly from Bravo's Married to Medicine gives advice on being a dentist and business woman

Dr. Heavenly from Bravo's Married to Medicine gives advice on being a dentist and business woman

Learning how to prioritize and be successful in your career and family without sacrificing either: Dr. Heavenly's interview 

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If you ever clicked thru Bravo than chances are you've seen this phenomenal woman gracing the set of "Married to Medicine". Not only is she married to medicine but she is also serving dental care in the metro Georgia area when she is not on set. Meet Dr. Heavenly Kimes the owner of Smiles by Heavenly and serial entrepreneur. Dr. Heavenly was gracious enough to chat with us about being a dentist and businesswomen without compromising her relationship to her family and God. Check out her interview with us below:

  1. What inspired you to become a dentist? I wanted to help people but still have a family without sacrificing either for the other. My major in undergraduate studies is pre-med. However, I decided to go with a dental career because I wouldn’t have to be on call, I could set my own schedule, and have a healthy work –life balance.
  2. For mothers interested in pursuing a dental career, what steps would they need to take? You’re going to need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to apply for dental school and take the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT), afterwards you’ll need another 4 years in dental school before you can sit for your board exams. I will say that it is easy to find employment once you finish school. I completed an associateship for a couple years before I opened my own practice. I also didn’t have to worry about student loan debt because my profession paid me well enough to cover the cost.  
  3. You’ve owned several successful private practices; what was the process like initially? I trusted in God, planned, worked hard, looked forward fearlessly, and executed the plan I worked out. I learned along the way that while school taught me the clinical side of being a dentist, it didn’t teach me the business aspect. So, in addition to owning practices I have started Dr. Heavenly’s University. My course will help future dentist start their own practice and own multiple practices as well.  For more information (CLICK HERE).   
  4. What habits would you recommend moms to teach their children for a whiter, brighter, smile? Minimize the sugar to avoid cavities and starches. Try to make sure the kids brush and floss right after eating anything with a lot of sugar and see the dentist at least 2x a year.
  5. Apart from being a dentist you are also an author. What is the message you want the readers to take away? I want them to know that you can do anything in this world if you believe you can. It is possible to have both a successful career and be active in your role as a mother and wife. Your thoughts will change your actions and your actions change your results. So, believe it, do it, and achieve it.
  6. How was it like contributing to Wake Up...Live the Life You Love? It was an honor to be selected to give my testimony alongside influential people such as Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer, the book ended up becoming a bestseller.
  7. As a relationship expert why do you think so many relationships fail and what advice would you give to women who are thinking of throwing in the towel? A lot of relationships fail because they are not based off a biblical foundation. This means that the husband should serve the wife and in turn the wife is submissive to the husband. Start with God as the foundation of your relationship and it will succeed.
  8. Is cheating the only thing that can make or break a relationship? No, everyone’s situation is a little different so there can be other underlying factors. For me, not providing you’re your family and not showing me the respect that I am due is more of a problem than cheating. I don’t advocate or defend cheating or infidelity but disrespect and a lack of ambition can also cause a relationship to fail.
  9. Any advice minimizing the strain of overcommitting to your business or family? Make sure that you prioritize, never emasculate your partner, never talk down to your children, and be strong in your faith. God, family, and then your career should follow.
  10. Any upcoming projects we can look forward to from Dr. Heavenly? Yes, apart from my university courses I also co-host a radio show with Dr. Jackie. You can tune in every Friday to Open and Honest radio to hear us. I also have an additional dental practice opening in Stockbridge, GA soon and plan on adding a lot more dental products to my website. CLICK HERE for more information.
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