Couponing like a boss with Dollar General: Beginner's session

Couponing like a boss with Dollar General: Beginner's session

How to start couponing for basic house items without losing your mind 

So I recently had a coworker pick up on the couponing frenzy and of course I had to catch up with her to see how things were going! She started couponing in April and has already started stock piling her house with deals after deals. If your like me, you've never picked up the fancy to spend hours looking for a coupon and shopping irritates you. Thus, as much as you've wanted to pick up on the coupon hype you haven't because you've been lazy. It's cool! We're moms and have enough going on to add hours of couponing to the table. So... here's a cheat sheet to get essentials at Dollar General each week. 

  1. Create an account with Dollar General online to access their digital coupons anytime. CLICK HERE.  
  2. Create as many accounts as you can, you must use a different phone number and email each time and they must be valid.  
  3. After completing your first purchase save your receipt! The receipt has a link to complete a survey and get $3 off $15 next purchase. You can use your code on the receipt to take the survey 2x and get two different $3 off codes. 
  4. Check each week to see which digital coupons are available and add them on your account. Digital coupons automatically go thru even if there is overage as long as you have the right supplies. 
  5. Go to your local post office and get coupons from the recycle bin the night of and morning after you receive coupons in the mail. Even if you don't need the coupons available save them until the expiration date just in case. 
  6. Go to Dollar Tree and by the newspaper for 1$ there. Coupons for Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are usually included as well. 
  7. Before you go on your trek to coupon make sure you locate all the Dollar Generals in your area. Remember you can only use coupons once per order and account. So be prepared to bring a buddy and go to different locations to get a surplus of the same items with the coupons. 
  8. Follow coupon groups on Facebook for advice from other coupon people in your area. They consistently post their finds, what promotions are going on, etc. If you are in the Tampa Bay area you can request to follow Couponing at Dollar General TOO!
  9. Check out as well for more advice and tidbits. 

That's it! Use Dollar General for your digital coupons and utilize whatever coupons you find in the newspaper, online, etc. This beginner coupon has been successful in getting a surplus of household items with these simple techniques. Peep below to see pictures of some of her purchases and pricing.... by the way she does have quite a view accounts so be prepared to put in some work. 

Check out some of her finds below, each find ranged from a total of 1$ to 10$ spent

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