Building a business: free resource and low cost training

Building a business: free resource and low cost training Free Small Business Advice

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It's a new year, time to set new goals! I started this business journey last year and I have found the SCORE business mentor program to be quite a helpful resource. I have taken two of the local workshops offered, you can type in your zip code to see which ones are available in your area. I also have a business mentor that has given me great advice on marketing my business, what may or may not be a flop, and contacts in accounting, sales, etc. for my business.  

Preparing your business plan workshop

This workshop was hosted by a SCORE mentor who was also a business owner and accountant. He went over the essential parts in a business plan, why they were important, and business tips for each topic covered such as setting goals and objectives, marketing plan, financial projections, etc. We also received a copy of the material presented in class and an example of a business plan. The workshop was $15 and lasted about 2 hours. 

Going into business workshop

This workshop discussed the different kinds of businesses you can start, i.e. joint ventures, sole proprietorship, limited liability company, etc. The hosts included marketing experts, accountants, business men, and a business lawyer. They went over the different tax filings for a business, marketing strategies, and initial investments to begin a business. There were other topics discussed and included in the material given to you at the end of the course, also $15 and worth it.

You can sign up for a mentor on the website by choosing, Find a Mentor, entering your zip code and filling out a brief questionnaire. My mentor contacted me the following day and we have been in touch ever since! I also recommend Steve Mariotti's, The Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting and Running  a Business: Turn Your Ideas Into Money! It is definitely a good read, has the basics for starting a business, and encouraging success stories of young business people around the world.

Good luck Beaut's and remember only you can stop or help grow your vision into reality! 


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