Hello Sunshine, tips to start your day off positive.

So the 1st thing to discuss is how we start our days as a woman and than a mom. Are you waking up early enough to get your mind right?

What do I mean?

It's so important to put your goals, self, and body into focus at the start of each day. As a mom I find it hard to direct my son and make him happy to start his day if I am not happy myself.

So how do you do that?

Well beautiful you have to start waking up earlier. Now my goal is to wake up 1 1/2 hours earlier than I normally do each day. Let's be real, have I met that goal yet? Nope, lol. BUT I have started waking up 20 minutes earlier and it took me about 2 weeks just to master that. Between work, school, kid, and thinking of a master plan.... it gets draining. I know. So have an end goal in mind and be content with reaching it in increments. Remember... success doesn't happen over night. && neither does popping out the bed 1 1/2 hours earlier.

But I know I need this amount of time so I can get my Zen in check before I try forcing my son's to get into check. I realized that I need time to myself to figure out what I want to accomplish each day and most importantly... get dressed and prepare in PEACE! 

Another important part of the beginning of the day, (now I admit I am still working on this myself), is being up and not only making breakfast for your son but sitting your ass down and enjoying it with him. I know, I know, it's hard. We have to iron clothes, make their breakfast, pack a lunch, drag them to the bathroom, wake them up, and FORCE feed them their own breakfast. However, eating it with them symbolizes unity. This is the time for us to sit and talk with them and advise baby boy how to prepare his day. Let him know that he needs to think and speak positive, don't let nobody fuck with him, and try to be more productive than yesterday. Yes, all that mumble jumbo might not be of any relevance to him, depending on his age. Even if he doesn't understand he will eventually grow to get it and what you told him every morning will be subliminally the 1st thoughts he starts when he gets up in the morning. 

How to wrap up the morning? Well Beaut, I read my bible verse of the day, pray, write down in my To-Do list journal what I want to do, get my clothes out, && just sit in peace for a few minutes preparing my mind for the day. A lot of the times I quote Erykah Badu, Karen Civil, && other dope ladies who also have positive things to say. It helps me get a positive energy going. The beginning of the day totally dedicates whether you are going to have a Go Getter attitude or just be a CRAB. SO whether or not your going to do exactly what I do, get some sort of positive routine to become a habit for a fresh start. Start it off right by getting there mentally and watch the rest of the day float by!